photographer: Rebekah Westover Photography

builder: RC Dent Construction

furniture & Accessories: elements by remedy

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Simple, livable with modern elements. We wanted the house to have streamline features but still make it feel like a house you are allowed to live in. We also were mindful of the warmth of the space. Wood tones, natural stone texture and casual furniture lended the home to not feel like a museum like you might normally think of a modern space. I think this style might be defined as modern traditional. The double bat run wall detail was a great example of spinning a classic board and batten with a modern take. Another nod to a traditional take is the coffered ceilings in the great room, which are simplified with clean white oak beams. The laundry room checkered tile is a timeless motif and with the clean lines of the vertical shiplap, and calm blue cabinets, this room lends itself to have a very "modern traditional" feel. We successfully married the two looks to create a beautiful, calm and visually pleasing space that will stand the test of time.

Stone Crest

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